Products and Services

Bunbury Fibre Exports (BFE) can offer private growers and government agencies a range of services aligned with its charter.

Purchasing timber from private plantation owners

BFE purchases E.globulus from private growers providing a valuable alternative market for private timber in the Bunbury region.

BFE is able to provide private growers with a purchase quote for logs delivered to our facility. Alternatively the company is able to provide a full service whereby timber is purchased at the stump with BFE arranging the planning, appropriate approvals, harvest and transport.

For more information on timber purchasing please contact BFE on (08) 9781 4500.

Harvest and Procurement

BFE currently offers private growers a valuation service in order to secure private wood resource for its wood processing Mill at the Port of Bunbury. If you have unencumbered, privately owned Tasmanian Bluegum ( E. globulus) plantations within a 200 kilometre radius of Bunbury and are seeking a competitive quote on the value of the resource for harvest purposes, please contact the BFE Harvesting and Procurement Team on +61 (08) 9781 4500

Valuation Information Offered

  • Quotes for harvest and purchase of mature standing blue gum plantation resource (Mill Door and Stumpage Price quotation after site inspection).
  • Harvest and haulage of Bluegum plantation resource throughout the south west of Western Australia. (debarked log and in-field chipping).


BFE produces and sells bluegum ( E. globulus) woodchips into the international woodchip market. Log resources to produce these woodchips are sourced from client's plantations and privately owned plantation resources through out the southwest of Western Australia.

Under FSC ® Certification the log resource sourced from client's plantations where their FSC COC is valid are certified as "FSC 100%". Log resource sourced from private plantations where no FSC Certification has been obtained are regarded as an FSC "Controlled Wood Source". At the time of chipping, these two resources are mixed on the stockpile and sold as FSC "MIX" Product.

Under PEFC TM Certification the log resource sourced from client's plantations where their PEFC CoC is valid are certified as "100% PEFC Certified". Log resource sourced from private plantations, where no PEFC Certification has been obtained are regarded as an PEFC "Controlled Sources".

Logs sourced from private plantations are confirmed as a "PEFC Controlled Sources" prior to an offer being made for the harvest of the resource. Resources from "PEFC Controlled Sources" are investigated under a stringent Due Diligence System. Log and chip resource will not be purchased and harvested where it is identified as a Controversial Source.

  • Controversial Sources are forest activities which are:

    (a) not complying with local, national or international legislation, applying to forest related activities, in particular in the following areas:

    - forestry operations and harvesting, including biodiversity conservation and conversion of forest to other use

    - management of areas with designated high environmental and cultural values,

    - protected and endangered species, including requirements of CITES,

    - health and labour issues relating to forest workers,

    - indigenous peoples' property, tenure and use rights,

    - third parties' property, tenure and use rights,

    - payment of taxes and royalties,

    (b) not complying with legislation of the country of harvest relating to trade and customs, in so far as the forest sector is concerned,

    (c) utilising genetically modified forest based organisms,

    (d) converting forest to other vegetation type, including conversion of primary forests to forest plantations.