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Bunbury Fibre Exports (BFE) Operational Units and Services

BFE has significant expertise in all aspects of plantation harvesting, processing and marketing.

For operational efficiency the company operates two units:

  • Harvesting and Procurement Unit
  • Processing and Export Unit

Harvesting and Procurement Unit

The Harvesting and Procurement Unit is comprised of a team of professional foresters who are responsible for harvest planning and scheduling, construction of harvest roads, community liaison and the harvest and delivery of timber products.

In addition, this unit arranges for the purchase and harvest of timber products from private growers, regardless of whether they are small farmers or major timber companies.

Processing and Export Unit

The Processing and Export Unit is comprised of a team of tradesmen and operators who maintain and operate BFE Wood Processing and Export Facility at the Port of Bunbury. This Unit is responsible for the receival of logs, the chipping, screening and stockpiling of the product and the loading of bulk carriers in preparation for export of our timber products.

Bunbury Fibre Exports (BFE) Port Facility

On 26 th March 2004 the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Hon Kim Chance MLC opened the BFE wood processing and export facility at the Port of Bunbury.

The facility consists of log receival facilities, log infeed, chip and screen facilities, stockpile areas, reclaim and out-load equipment and a shiploader with associated conveyors. The company's Bunbury office and quality control laboratory are also included on the 8 hectare site.

The facility was designed and built by the BFE engineers using state of the art technology, making the facility one of the most efficient of its kind. The company's strict production standards ensure that all product produced and loaded complies with our customer's strict quality criteria. The modern design and rapid load out rates ensures that ship loading times are comparable to world standards.

Port of Bunbury

BFE exports from the Port of Bunbury which is located approximately 200km south of the capital of Western Australia, Perth.

The Port is recognised as one of the most efficient bulk commodity ports in the country and currently handles in excess of 12 million tonnes of product per year including alumina, mineral sands, spodumene, silica and woodchips.

It is a deep water port with an extensive swing basin and draft of sufficient depth to allow vessels of 60,000DWT to be serviced.

International Markets

BFE exports woodchips to international customers in Japan and China. These customers use the woodchips to produce craft pulp for paper and board uses, as well as dissolving pulp for use in textiles, specialised paper and resins.